Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Visit from The Lucas Clan

Mitch, Carrie, and Claire Lucas showed up Wednesday night for a whirlwind tour of four colleges Claire is considering (Mines, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University & University of Denver).

Of course Rex and Fritz thought it was great fun!  Three new people to get to know, and two of them are alergic - what could be better than that? 

Well, they found out.   Mitch would growl at them and chase them around.   As you can see they were totally traumatized by the experience - NOT!

Claire has the golfing bug and is totally hooked. She plays on her high scholl team, and wanted to get in a few rounds while in Colorado to stay sharp.   Phil played hookey on Friday and they went to Fox Hollow for 9 holes.  Carrie rode along to keep score and enjoy the afternoon outside with us.

After the first hole jitters, Claire started to show her stuff. Her booming drives illustrated why she has about a 12 handicap.

On Saturday, Joanne joined in and the three of us played 18 holes at Fossil Trace.  It was a little bit cold and breezy, but fun was had by all.   Reminder to self - don't forget to stash a stocking cap in my bag (and long johns, too)!

Claire is looking for a college with engineering programs as well as  a women's golf program.  Considering she is only a Junior in High School shooting a 12 handicap, I think Joanne and I will have our hands full trying to keep up. Oh to have the flexibility of a teenager again . . .

Four days went by awful fast and Rex and Fritz are now in a coma, recovering from all of the excitement.

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  1. Thanks for having us! We all had a blast, and I look forward to getting to play some more golf with you in the future! Good luck on the cycling this season.- Claire