Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Arizona - Part 4 - Sneaking in some Rides

Joanne and I shipped our old mountain bikes to Mom & Dad's place for a new home in the sun.
It was an excellent surprise to find that there are TWO great trail systems within 3 miles of Mom and Dad's home in Mesa, AZ.
We did a 16 mile loop on the easier Ussery Mountain Park trail sytsem on both Friday and Sunday.
We had to bundle up a little, but it was sooooo nice to be able to ride out in the sunshine and not freeze our butts off!
Pretty much all of the plants will scracth or poke you.  I was so glad Joanne thought to make sure we put new Stan's tire sealant in before we started riding.  She pulled out a 2" cactus needle out of a tire on Sunday, gave the tire a spin and off she went - no problem!

I am thinking that we need to plan a private Sonaran desert tour next winter and try several trail systems !

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