Sunday, December 5, 2010


It is always a treat to come home and see someone has been using our adjustable height basketball hoop.
Joanne and I have one of the few flat driveways in the neighborhood, the only adjustable basketball hoop,  and a driveway that you can jump off in a couple directions, so we openly share our driveway with the kids in our neighborhood.

Two simple rules.  First, if you are on wheels, which includes skateboards, bikes, and scooters you have to wear a helmet.   Second, try not to break things.   I know that with boys, that can be a challenge, so that is why I say "try" and have a talk when I see they throwing rocks, etc.
We are lucky that we have a bunch of young kids in the neighborhood and have about 16 years before the current batch is out of highschool.  They grow up in a blink of the eye, but we really enjoy having them around while we can.

Occaisionaly we even get to barge in for a game of pig!

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  1. So super! Madolin would totally approve ;). Even after we grew up, she was always welcoming
    extra kids. Makes me smile...Where is your snow?? We have 8-9" in the yard and icy streets every which way. Peggy