Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 Memorial Day - Staycation

This Memorial Day weekend we stayed in the Golden area.

We started out on Friday afternoon to evening with 6 hours of raking the front yard, laying down grass seed, and toping off with compost.   I was very lucky that I married a hard worker and that Joanne helped, or I would have been at it for 2 days.
On Saturday, I started the next phase of my gardening adventure with planting our herb garden,
our new raised bed vegtable garden,
and our new blue berry bushes.
We also got some golf in, ( Ron - look at that form and concentration - can you tell that buying supper is on the line ? :)
and some great mountain biking in!

Pretty excellent staycation!   Had to go back to work to rest up!


  1. Phil gives me more credit than I deserve - two hours of raking up the aeration plugs and I was worn out! He then kept going to wrap up the fertilizer & grass seeding, garden planting, etc. He's a worker! But . . . I did kill him on the golf course!

  2. Competition or not it is so much more fun when you can go out and do whatever with your best friend.
    Hope to get together and swing the clubs with the two of you this summer. When????? good question.