Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet Rolls :~)

Although I am healing up from a broken collar bone, I still had a stelar week!
Lowry and Colleen came to visit on Sunday   : )

Then we went to Rich and Barb's for supper - very Yummy!  : )
I made another trip into the Wildcat Hills, and my boss drove and opened all the gates while I watched.  :)
I made another trip to Glenwood to see Steve, talked about future plans, and borrowed a concrete coring drill.  (You can see our new zipline in the background.)   :)

And to top it off, Mary ( Joanne's sister in Belgrade, MT - there are a lot of Mary's in our combined family ) sent me collar bone healing sweet roll's!  They are very yummy as well!  : )

All I can say is THANKS to everyone this week - it was GREAT!


  1. And you deserved all of it!!PK

  2. The rolls are good, though not enough to break a collar bone for.