Monday, June 13, 2011

Wildcating in the Wildcat Hills

One of our latest ideas at the oil and gas  exploration company I work for puts us in a pretty rough area in western Nebraska called the Wildcat Hills.
There are no roads up into this area, the ranchers user horses and 4-wheelers to move their livestock.
We were lucky, because my boss brought his large 4 wheeler that sits 6 people from his farm about 20 miles away. 

It really rides smooth over rough terrain, and can go up amazingly steep slopes.
Even with modern gps surveying technology, people familiar with the area, and 4 wheelers we only got to look at two spots to maybe drill and still did not get the access road figured out.
It was a long day bouncing around with a broken collar bone.

However, it was going to take a lot more than that to keep me from sharing in exploring such a cool place.

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  1. These pictures do NOT look like other descriptions of Nebraska that people have shared with me. Definitely more inviting. Can't imagine how it felt to jounce through those fields with a broken collar bone. But I know how it feels with a bad shoulder, and that's nasty enough. You're one tough Dude, Phil. Peggy