Friday, August 26, 2011

Accumulating the Right Parts

It took a while to find everything we would need for the arbor entry way.   The internet is an amazing tool when it comes to finding out what is available.
Curved Lam-beams

Steel beams
Tools, tools, and more tools!
Knowledge......I don't think I would take something like this on if I didn't have my friend, Derek to work with. 

I met Derek working on Glenwood Caverns, he was one of the cavers that came up to volunteer in the underground construction.  When we saw what a bust-ass worker he was, we hired him to build all the hand rails on the underground pathway in the lower section of the cave.

Derek is incredibly knowledgeable on how to make things, and I love working on a project with him.   For me, working with Derek is more rewarding than the final results.  

As our friend, Jeffrey would say..."it is all about the process".

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  1. The landscaping looks wonderful, too. How did the garden in the raised beds do? It looks lush from the picture. PK