Monday, August 15, 2011

Marla, Kev, and Jordy

Marla, Kev, and Jordy came to visit us in Golden for a long weekend.  The last time they were here was for our wedding celebration before Jordy was born, so we started the visit showing 8 years of remodeling projects.
Relaxing on the back deck!
Front yard bonfire with the neighbors!
Train ride to Glenwood Springs.
Which after a 7 hour start delay and a 5 hour trip is a pretty good test of an 8 year old's patience.   Mine as well!
Sunday morning tram ride to Glenwood Caverns.
Riding the new rides, before the lines got long.
Followed by a cave tour.
Ending the trip with brownies and shooting pool with our friends JAC and Celina who have built a home in a cave.

Excellent visit and hopeing they will come back before Jordy graduates from H.S.   ;)

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  1. You and Joey are the best host and hostess. It looks like a marvelous's the collar bone and arm doing? About time for the Pig Party, isn't it? And a birthday, too. Hmmm. Peggy