Monday, August 29, 2011

US Pro Cycyling Challenge Last Stage starts in Golden

It has been over 20 years since there has been an international cycling team stage race in the US.

Luckily, our home town - Golden, Colorado was selected for the start of the last stage that was held on Sunday.

Part of the course went up Lookout Mtn, one of the most popular rides in Colorado, and just West of our home.
So, Joanne, Jeffrey, and I got up at 5 am, and hiked up Lookout Mtn to get a choice view of the race as it would come by.  Since we have ridden "Lookout" hundreds of times, we had a choice spot in mind if we could get there before it was taken.

Joanne is my A to point B girl, with no messing around or dallying in between, and took off on a forced march.
Jeffrey and I drank our morning coffee and chatted while trying to keep up.  It was very warm with a stiff morning breeze, and
a stunning sunrise!
Our view down the mountain was excellent!  We could see them fighting their way up for miles from Golden nestled below.
When they got to our spot the racers would go through steep switch backs, slowing them down and spreading them out.
There were thousands of cycling fans lining miles of roadway by the time the race started.
Some in crazy costumes, and many who would sprint along with the racers for 50 yards on the steep sections.
We got to stand within a foot of them as they passed by!

Here is Joanne cheering for Ivan Basso, who she has proclaimed as "Hot" and "very good looking"!

A very exciting day for our little home town and for all the many cycling fans who live here!

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  1. What a cool deal ... and even better that you took the opportunity to be there. Great pictures, btw. Thanks. Peggy