Thursday, April 26, 2012

Annual Palm Springs Golf Trip

Last weekend Joanne and I did our annual trip to Palm Springs to golf with my boss and his wife - Bruce and Dar.
It was 102 F the first day, 105 F the 2nd day, and 107 F the 3rd which feels pretty darn hot when you are coming from highs of 65 F.

The courses were beautiful despite the heat, and Joanne and my golf games have improved to double boggey golf!  :)

We are very lucky that Bruce and Dar are patient!


  1. I'm asking for strokes if we get to play this summer.

  2. Phil and I still haggling over that - I think he needs to give me 2 holes every 9; he just snorts. My new clubs help, but operator error still manages to wreck at least one hole per round. [Joey]