Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Progress on the Fence

We have finished the next segment of the backyard fence and now have it tied into the house.
All the steel is primered from the arbor to the house, and I will paint it brown when the weather is more predictable.

The fence past the arbor I am going to let rust and not paint.
The rounded corned is done, and now I need to complete the geenhouse cement work
before we finish the fence on the NE corner of the lot. 
Still trying to figure out how to layout the greenhouse.  Took a class on passive solar heating for greenhouses at the botanical gardens, and the class changed my mind on how to build mine.

The greenhouse will have to go through the permitting process, so we will see how long that takes.

Hopefully, finishing the fence before the end of the year, so that my fancy gates have a real function.  (and to slow down the teasing from my neighbor, Bob)


  1. Here I was thinking you were just goofing off this spring. Man does this look nice!

  2. Yes, the fence and the second gate both look grand. I like the pictures of the apple trees in full bloom, too. How lovely. Peggy