Monday, January 3, 2011

Back at the Gym

When I first met Joanne, she was a member at a gym downtown named ACDP.

It was a great gym and I quickly joined as well.

We both went to the gym in the winter months 4 to 7 days a week, and made a bunch of friends.  Unfortunately the gym changed ownership, made some bad changes, and most of the membership including us left.

So, Joanne and I transitioned to working out in our basement that we converted to a private gym.

Our basement gym works great, but is unfortunately lonely.  No interaction with other people and no group classes to break the monotony.

So, we joined a new gym that most of friends joined after ACDP.

It's main attribute is 8 years of friends and acquaintances!

Junko, Yuki, Renae, Jeffrey, Mike, Miguel, Chris, Patty to name a few.

The friends we made in the old gym led us into trying bicycle races like The Leadville 100.  It will be fun to see what adventures they will lead us to next.

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  1. Your gym bunch sounds a lot more convivial than our 6am swimming crowd. We splash and dash. Every so often we see each other with our clothes on at the grocery store or in an office and laugh about how much more awake we are during the rest of the day. Peg