Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going Outside!

Fritz and Rex LOVE to go outside and run around the neighborhood!

Unfortunately, the cold snap has kept them in all week, which leads to a lot of whining and the occaisional pent up energy smack down.

It warmed up a little today and Joanne said they could go outside if I wiped them down before the came back in.
Fritz and Rex were not the only ones who wanted to go outside!  

Joey shoveled off snow, ran errands to keep us all in food for next week, and I took advantage of a sunny day to drag out the table saw.

It was nice to have a sunny day and a high of 43 deg, but our household is impatiently waiting for the long, dry, sunny days of summer!    :~)

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  1. Mitzi and Maud are not happy about our snow,either, but at least they've quit snacking on the fake Christmas tree and throwing up all night long. Glad I can't read their minds as they sit and watch the birds at the feeder. Peggy