Sunday, January 9, 2011

Considerations in building a Cat Condo

I have two of the most handiest guys as brother-in-laws - Rich and Ron!

I cannot weld (yet),  and I cannot make a good transmission out of two bad ones (hopefully never). 

However, I know that they are both cat lovers like myself and if they ever decide to make an outdoor cat condo, I wanted to send a couple pointers!
First, height is the most important dimension.  Cat's love to get up high and look down on to the world as it passes by.

Second, a protected place to sleep up high where they will not be mesed with.

Third, a secluded cat box so they can do their business outside but in privacy.

Fourth, a hard floor that prevents them from doing their buisness where you don't want.

The satelite dish was there before the condo, so no they don't have internet or TV.  However, I did think about putting a heat pad in their bed, but Joanne thought we would rarely see them again inside.

I love coming home and seeing Fritz and Rex out there watching the world.  Watching walkers stop and talk to them. 

When Fritz is out there, he will pace just far enough away so you cannot touch him through the fence.  Then as you walk away, he plucks the fence like a guitar string. 

While Rex just let's you pet him, because he feels everyone over four feet tall are his friends.

I also enjoy the opportunity to tell people walking by when it is empty that:

it is a chicken coop
it is an iguana cage
my wife has a pet bobcat
Life is full of a lot of small pleasures!

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  1. Wahoo! This is just the sort of info that Ron needs. A catcondo has been a seasonal discussion for several years. I think we are getting closer to persuading him to build one. Peggy