Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Ride up Lookout - 2011

The snow was melting at a pretty good pace on Sunday, with a forecasted high of 62!  :)

So, I put the fenders back on the mtn bike and took off for the bike loop around SW Denver.  However, the C470 bike path was not cleared and still had about 6" of snow.  So, I headed back home.
While heading back, I decided to make the first journey of the year over Lookout Mtn.  I was really glad I did!

Lookout Mtn is such an EPIC ride to have so close to our home.  As usual, there were many riders pushing there limits to get to the top.  The guys grimacing and the gals smiling.

The ride down overlooking Golden always puts me in a GREAT mood.

I came home to Fritz and Rex ready to come in ( but not ready for a bath :) 
A quick bath, a little snack, and they are now upstairs already in their bed.   Probably dreaming of chasing Julio, the neighbors big black cat who comes over to talk "smack" during week!

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