Monday, February 21, 2011

Golfing with the Boss

Joanne and I just got back from the Palm Springs area on our annual golf trip with Bruce and Darla Evertson.
The weather was cool and rainy one day, but the only two things that were a bummer is first - Joanne might be fighting a kidney stone, and second I forgot my camera in the car.

I did manage to figure out how to take pictures with my phone's camera and a couple came out.
On the rainy day, Joanne and I borrowed Bruce's car and drove through Joshua Tree National Park.

It is a big desert, and we went on a 3 mile hike to see an oasis tucked into a tight mountain valley.

I attempted to take numerous pics with my phone, but was mistakingly taking shakey videos instead.  :(

Our golf game has certainly improved since our first trip six years ago, but is still nothing to brag about.  

It is always fun to play on the beautiful courses out there, enjoy some sun, take in the lush green colors, and laugh at some of our shots.  Bruce and Dar are gracious hosts, we eat most of meals at their vacation home, and they put up with our marginal ability to play golf.

Maybe this year, Joanne and I will actually play some more golf.  However, it is hard to turn down a mountain bike ride when the weather gets warm!  :)

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  1. I WANT SOME SUN!! The picture of the veranda, blue skies, sunshine and mountains is a total killer! Hope Joey is feeling much better. You two always do such interesting things. Peggy