Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Weekend Evaporated . . .

It’s Sunday night. How does that happen so darn quickly? I could swear it was 3 pm Friday afternoon only an hour or two ago. Oh well.

We had a good weekend. Nothing epic, just a nice weekend doing weekend stuff.

Saturday morning we took a walk to our favorite bagel shop for breakfast. It is about a four-mile walk, round trip. We deadhead up there so we can fill our tummies with bagels (and Phil can get his elixir of life – coffee). Then we come home via a more roundabout route that takes us near Clear Creek for much of the return journey. It is a great way to start the weekend and we really enjoy it.

Phil is working on the shop in the basement (painting and putting in cabinets and organizing heaps of stuff). His plan is set up part of the area as a mini-bike shop. We’ll store our cyclocross bikes there until autumn and also have a centralized location for our random bike tools, spare parts, spare tires, chain cleaner/lube stuff, etc. He got in several hours working on that project this weekend.

Saturday afternoon we did a 2 hour mountain bike ride on and around South Table Mountain. We had clear blue skies, but it was deceptively cool – maybe 50 degrees at the warmest point.

Saturday evening we went on an actual date. Honest. No exercise involved! We saw the Rhythm Angels, an acoustic singer/songwriter duo. [You can listen to several of their songs on their MySpace page.] It was a really enjoyable evening.

Sunday we had our typical big breakfast while we read the Sunday paper. A big Sunday breakfast is a tradition I brought to our marriage. Growing up, my mom and dad made a big breakfast when we got home from church – then you were on your own until dinner. As one of my brothers-in-law says – “Eat up – it’s a long time ‘til dark!” Phil usually finds a way to sneak off to Home Depot or run some other errand so he can pick up a bite to eat; he just can’t make it from breakfast to dinner without a snack.

It was supposed to be in the high 60s today. I think it probably finally made it, but there was a high cloud cover that sucked the warmth away before it got to ground-level. We went out planning to do a 3 hour mountain bike ride, but about 1 hour into it Phil’s rear shock blew up. Bummer. So, we headed home, then into the bike cave to finish off our workout.

We couldn’t just hop on our road bikes and head back out because the road bikes are in transit to California for our vacation – yee ha.

Our mental toughness was tested (we failed the test) – it is hard enough to ride inside when there is no option due to weather, but when it is nice outside it is absolute torture. After about 75 minutes Phil was DONE. So, we wrapped it up and called it good enough.

And now it is time wonder what happened to the weekend . . . and try to get revved up for another work week.

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