Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photos First, Stories Later

After all the anticipation, we had a great vacation. Reasonably good weather, good luck with our bikes (mostly . . .), friendly bike-loving people to share the adventure (hanging with our "peeps," as Jeffrey would say), and wonderful restaurants at which to gorge after the rides. If you like to ride, I'd highly recommend the Planet Ultra Solvang tour.

You know you aren't in Colorado anymore when you see the Bird of Paradise flowers.

Santa Rosa Road outside Buellton, at the start of the Solvang Century on Sunday, March 14. There were around 4,500 riders. This was the first hill, so the crowd (and the morning fog) was beginning to break up a bit.

One of the first aid stations. There were more high-end bikes (custom/independent boutique framebuilder's bikes/carbon carbon everywhere) at this event than I've ever seen at a Colorado ride - and that is saying something!

One of the rest stops later in the ride . . .!

Lush green vistas everywhere we went all week. I'm so looking forward to spring!

My badges of honor. It was a really beautiful ride with very little climbing. A good omen for the week.

Our home for the week: kitschy, but clean, quiet and affordable. With an in-room fridge for my diet Pepsi and a coffee pot for Phil - we couldn't ask for more!

We stopped at Nojoqui Falls County Park one afternoon and stumbled across a vintage Volkswagon rally. This "short bus" was super cool; the guy took a couple busses, cut them into pieces and re-assembled this one from the parts.

Phil at Nojoqui Falls.
That pretty much covers the first two days of our trip. The real biking began on day 3 - I'll post about that within the next few days.

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  1. Looks like a great time! Maybe someday when the girls are grown Tom and I can go on an adventure like this!!