Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Packing for a 10-Day Road Bike Vacation

In the past our biking trips have been mountain bike trips. We camped on those trips, and there were strict limits on the amount of gear you could bring, because everything had to fit in a support vehicle. So, we had tents, and sleeping bags and sleeping pads, and then we had to be careful about the gear we selected.

This trip to Solvang is much different. First, we have already shipped our bikes, so we don’t have to juggle those through the airport security/baggage maze.

Second, we’re staying in a hotel (hot showers every day – YESSSS!) so we don’t have to worry about the camping gear.

So perhaps you can explain why I seem to be bringing enough gear to single-handedly stock a brand new REI store??
Maybe it’s because we’ll be mixing with civilized people when we’re not on the bikes. Wearing our stinky bike clothes at the end of the day won’t be quite as acceptable as it is on the camping trips.

Also, over the course of 10 days, the weather can be quite changeable. So, we need warm weather gear, cool weather gear, rain gear . . .
We need to bring our preferred our on-the-bike food. Between us, we’ll have about 40,000 calories worth of gels, bars, and electrolyte drinks. And recovery drinks. Don’t forget the recovery drinks!

Oh, and we hope to squeeze in a few rounds of golf . . . or least a couple short-game lessons. So that means another whole set of clothes and equipment.

I realize that pioneers crossed the prairie on the Oregon Trail in wagons transporting their life’s possessions, and carried less than I have managed to shove into my Eagle Creek bag. I’m okay with that.

Trust me, if I’d been with the Donner Party, everyone would have had plenty of food and warm clothes. I was never a Girl Scout, but I’m a gear junkie. I have the right gear for every eventuality – and snacks. Plenty of snacks.

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