Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Like to Ride my Bike

I like to ride my bike.

You may be shocked by that.

You probably think I just like to “train” and deprive myself of delicious food and tasty beverages while trying to make it sound like you should do that too.


I had been thinking about this topic for some time, and then Fatty beat me to it.
So . . . why do I like to ride my bike?

It gives me a chance to get outside. I’m inclined to be a hermit, so I can happily hole up indoors with a good book, or at the computer, or in the kitchen, or even cleaning the bathroom. For days at a time. That isn’t healthy. Biking gets me outside. I need that.

The sense of accomplishment.

All the cool gear/gadgets/gee-gaws. Toys. Yup. Love ‘em.

Spending time with people who share my passion

Surviving epics and finding out how strong I truly am. It may be sick and it ultimately may be the end of me, but I love getting out and pushing myself to overcome perceived physical obstacles. I’m not very athletic. I like shooting hoops and playing golf, but let’s be honest – I suck. Cycling allows me to challenge myself and test myself against myself. Oh sure, Phil and I have a friendly competition going on, but that’s just grist for the mill. Frankly, it’s all about me. What did I accomplish? How was I challenged? How did I react to that challenge? Did I quit, or did I dig deep and push myself farther than I’ve been before?

Eating with Impunity. Mexican hamburgers smothered in green chile. Chips and salsa. Hawaiian pizza at Woody’s. Red vines licorice. Peanut butter. On anything. Or alone from the jar by the spoonful . . . okay, you get the picture.

Drinking. Cold beer after a hot ride – nectar of the gods.


Cheaper than Prozac. . . . Well, it would be if I wasn’t a gear junkie. Addiction is never pretty.

Because I can. I agree with Fatty on this one. Someday I may not be physically able to ride. But today, I am. That is a gift. Who am I to squander so generous a gift?

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  1. I think the big grins on your face for almost every picture indicate how MUCH you like to ride your bike. Great pictures of scenery and cattle!! Looks like lots of hard work, however. I sort of regret the fact that there were no pictures of you 'wallowing like a hippo', but glad your whacked head wasn't hurt too badly.

    We are also struggling through spring, snowstorms, cold weather, track practice for Ron, frozen tulips and daffodils. Sent off my portfolio for national Boards last Saturday. Now, I just have 3 weeks to study for the big on-line test.

    Women's Run sign-ups came in the mail today. Mary is coming over for it, and Ron and his 'girls' are going to a Nylons concert the night before.