Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Because You Never Know What Wonders Await

Jane Brody's column in the Health section of The New York Times caught my eye today.

The gist of it that trying to get people to exercise by telling them "it's good for you" is about as effective as getting kids to eat Brussels sprouts by telling them about starving kids in Haiti.

But, if you saute those sprouts in bacon fat and roast them until they become sweet, you might get a vegetable eater because the kid likes what he or she is eating, not because it's "good for him/her."

Same with exercise. Once you find the non-health benefits - friends you look forward to seeing on the bike path, or at the pool or for a walk around the neighborhood - exercise becomes something you do because you like it.

Getting up at 4 am this morning to do a Core & Strength workout, followed by high cadence and 1-legged pedaling drills is not something I looked forward to. But working out next to Phil, watching The Smartest Guys in the Room (about the Enron debacle) and being done with my workout as well as learning something new by 6 am? That I liked.

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  1. How true. Besides, after you do that, no matter what the day throws at you, the hard part is already done!!! PK