Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Radio Silence from the Morrow / Kriz clan

What we have been up to…. [guest blog by Phil because Joanne has been such a miserable slacker]

Well we got into the Leadville 100 once again. Getting in definitely puts a more serious tone on training, eating right, and oh yeah - skip the alcohol. For me, I have found it is mentally easier to train hard than it is to curb eating & drinking to get to race weight.

I feel lucky that we got in. The rumor is that over 6,000 people signed up for about 1,500 slots and some of our friends did not get in. However, looking at 6 months of consistently harder training each month has a little sobering effect at first. Which probably has led to the radio silence….

We went to Palm Springs golfing with my boss and his wife over Valentine’s weekend to warm 80 degree days. It was so fun to see green grass, flowers and a warm sun! We changed up the game we play from best ball scramble three against Bruce, to Bruce and Joanne against Dar and me. Needless to say Dar and I got our asses handed to us. So, we need to change the game a little next year, because I don’t see Dar and I closing the gap through better performance.

This year we got to help watch after Bruce’s 7 year old grandson, Beau. I was a little worried how that would work out at first and it really worked out great. Joanne put him in a headlock right away, the rules were set, and the rest of the weekend was fun and games. Hitting golf balls on the range bright and early, golfing during the day, rough-housing in the pool in the afternoon, picking lemons & grapefruit from neighbor's trees in the dark (makes it feel like you are getting away with something), and then passing out after supper.

[The odd expression? Well . . . I was caught in the act of tormenting Beau with a wet Willie. Hey, gotta get your licks in while they're little . . . they pay it back in spades as they grow up!]

Five days went by way too fast. Then it was back to reality.

Drilling wells without much success in Nebraska for me, and contract negotiating for Joanne.

Oh, and 2 hour workouts at 4 am…can’t forget that.

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  1. Oh, I've seen that expression often! Nice to have you back 'on the air'.