Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Club

Book Club (or “Another Reason Why I Love Our Neighborhood” by Phil)

A friend of mine just bought a very swanky house in a very swanky neighborhood. While looking at the pictures of his new place, I wondered why he wanted to move from his hard-earned newly remodeled home. The answer quickly came to me that he had no sense of belonging to the neighborhood where his remodeled home is located.

So, regardless of how nice his remodeled home turned out, there were no relationships that compelled him to stay.

The homes where Joanne and I live would never be classified as “swanky”! However, our neighbors are committed to making where our homes are a “neighborhood.” One of the tools used to create a “neighborhood” is the Book Club.

Our neighbor Crystal started up the Book Club and invited the women who live all around her and some other friends as well. They meet once every two months at one of the member’s homes to share each other’s company.

Last night Joanne hosted the Book Club at our house, and I found something else to do to give them their girl space.

I wanted to give them space because I realize discussing the book is very secondary. Discussing the book is just an excuse or purpose assigned that pulls everyone together.

The real benefit of the Book Club is getting together to share current life experiences, laugh, drink wine, laugh, eat treats, and laugh some more.

The shared time and laughter is the mortar which holds a neighborhood together – and builds a strong, vibrant community.

I came home last night to a house full of laughter and felt so happy to live where we do, in neighborhood that might not be swanky, but that is growing strong.


  1. You two are very good at helping to glue your neighborhood together, too. I am so envious; and you are so smart to realize what a good deal you have! PK

  2. Phil- you're the MAN!! Thank you for understanding the "real meaning" of Book Club and for being such a positive influence on all of us in the neighborhood...