Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This morning I did what I know I shouldn't do - selected an emotional film for our distraction during a tough interval training workout.

It was an honest mistake. I figured Up, Pixar Studios latest animated film, would be light-hearted entertainment to keep our minds off the labored breathing, thigh-burning, sweat-soaked 90 minutes.

I was right.

And very wrong.

There are two scenes - virtually no dialogue required - that are simply heart-breaking.

It just isn't safe to try intervals while fighing back sobs. Serious oxygen debt while riding a bike is a dangerous thing - even on a stationary bike.

I loved Wall-E, but "Up" may be even better.

Pixar may make "kid" movies, but in my opinion, they make some of the best films. Period.

Even if you don't have a kid handy to provide an excuse, go rent Up; while you're at it, pick up Wall-E, too. It'll be the best double-header you've seen in years.

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