Sunday, March 14, 2010

While they are away - We want outside!

[by Phil]

When we are away on vacation, I quickly miss our cats, Fritz and Rex.

My guilt about leaving the cats locked up in the house has led me to building several things for their enjoyment.

First, better windows with convenient perches to watch what is going on outside.  Including mail men, other cats, and us returning home.

Second, a bird feeder with numerous vantage points for the cats to chatter at the birds.  That chatter is easy to interpret as " I would kick your ass and eat you, if I wasn't locked in here!"

Third, an outdoor cat condo for Fritz and Rex to go outside whenever they want to in a safe environment.   To nap in the sun, smell all the cool stuff cat's can smell that we can't, get strangers to pet them, or to talk smack to the other neighborhood cats.

But what Fritz and Rex really want is to be able to run free outside, which they can't do while we are gone. 

They love to cruise the neighborhood, and especially like our neighbor to the Easts porch.  Which can be quite sunny and a great place to hide from the occasional kid or dog.

But for now, they will just have to suffer until I get home and squeeze them until they squeal - then they will be able to go outside!

1 comment:

  1. The only thing that is missing is the wide-angle shot of the kitty condo. I hate leaving mine, too. They let us know that they missed us ... and were ticked off! PK