Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Leadville 100 MTB Stats

Gale Bernhardt did some analysis of the Leadville results, which I found interesting:

1504 entrants
1307 people started the race
896 official finishers (giving the last racer the two-minute timing chip leeway that the race directors gave at the awards ceremony)
40% of the entry field did not finish the race
33% of the starting field did not finish

I finished in 757th place overall [NOT DFL!!].
I was 51st out of the total of 66 women to finish in less than 12 hours.

Only 7% of finishers were women. Wow.

I was 23rd in my age group (women 40+), which had 29 finishers overall. The old gals are a tough bunch!


  1. You were a long, long way from DFL!!!!
    There were some pretty sporty riders
    coming in behind you! I especially
    liked the fact you were ahead of some
    with Carmicael jerseys! :)
    Good job!!!
    Lv, PK
    PS: I love reading your blog!!

  2. Yes, those Carmichael jerseys were everywhere. Heard it was the 40 who paid Chris like $4k for the prep package with gave an automatic (no lottery) entry.

    Joanne, I do hope you continue to blog in some capacity. At least to indicate whether you are planning on going again in 2010. I think Phil's DNS may factor.

    Have enjoyed following your posts -- I hope to make the lottery next year -- and have found them helpful. Thanks

  3. The "prep package" you speak of was actually at 2-day Leadville-specific mountain bike camp in Leadville. Participating in the camp granted you entry into the race. Cost of the camp was around $1200, not $4000!!! Also, those who came to the camp got at CTS jersey and full-on race support for Leadville. Pretty cool...

  4. the prep package is actually $1K, but I'm considering doing the race next year IF I can get in the lottery, and I'm 57. Can anyone give me a few tips? I was looking for the oldest woman to finish, but couldn't find it. I have to congratulate all of you, it looks really dern tough.

  5. I don't know the age of the oldest woman to finish in 2009, but in 2008 there was a gal who was 60 or 61. The best training tips I can give you are: (a) work on core strength - planks, hip bridges and other low back strengtheners. It is a very long day in the saddle and a strong back will make a world of difference in your comfort and ability to keep pushing hard all day. (b)If there is any way you can train at altitude, do so; as often as possible. (c)Learn what to eat and when to eat - what can your gut handle? Nutrition, at altitude while pushing hard for 10+ hours, will make or break your event. As for the Lottery - it is just that - if you don't have preference due to prior entries or prior volunteering efforts it comes down to good luck.