Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tires - Maxxis Cross Mark UST

After plenty of fussin' and wonderin', I have settled on my tires for Leadville - the Maxxis Cross Mark UST.

My Neighborhood Wrench, Matt, highly recommended them, so I used them in Laramie to see if I liked them. Once I dialed in the air pressure (I'm going to run them at about 28 psi) they were great - fast rolling, hooked up in the loose stuff without skidding on downhills and gave me plenty of bite when climbing. I'm running them tubeless, with Stan's tire sealant.

One decision down - 327 more to go!

Competitive Cyclist did an extensive REVIEW entitled "Which tire is right for us?" The Continental Explorer UST, Kenda Nevegal UST, Maxxis Crossmark UST and Kenda Small Block 8 UST were evaluated.

We got turned on to the Maxxis Crossmark UST by its tread design. We’ve ridden some good tires from Maxxis before, so it was no surprise that we found a niche fairly quickly for the Crossmark. It is marketed as an all conditions / hardpack tire. One of the fundamental elements of the tread design is the nearly continuous center ridge. This makes the Crossmark ideal for hardpack trails, paved bike paths and forest roads. The lack of void space makes it roll easily and smoothly. The tread opens with ramped intermediate blocks. The shoulder blocks are an alternation of square and round shapes. They are tightly packed, and we felt like the lack of void space on the shoulder hampered the tire in loose conditions and off camber corners. Maxxis claimed weight of 690 grams was spot on with our readings.

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