Monday, August 3, 2009

Leadville Trail 100 - LIVE stream web cast

[Big news from the Leadville race organization - those of you who want to see the action live can do so for $6 - how can you beat that?]

Historic First for the Leadville Trail 100

For the first time in its 27 year history the Leadville Trail 100 will be hosting a LIVE stream web cast of one of its ultra endurance races. On August 15 an international web audience will know who the 2009 LT100 MTB champion is the moment it happens. The action, tension and drama of the world’s toughest 100 mile mountain bike race will be captured in 4 live web casts throughout the 12 hour race.

Versatile Productions of Carbondale in conjunction with Leadville video producer Karen Rinehart will produce 4 live 1/2 hour video segments of the race: at the starting line, 3 hours into the race, as the first racers cross the finish line, and at the 12 hour cutoff.

They will specifically cover the progress and finish of celebrity riders such as 6-time LT100 champion, Dave Wiens, as well as international biking legends Lance Armstrong and Tinker Juarez.

In addition to all the race action, the production will include: profiles of Leadville and Lake County, LT100 founder interviews, "Man on the Street" interviews and stories, local color, as well as race results, and LT100 sponsor interviews. Not only is the live stream web cast a first for the LT100, but also for Leadville.

So, if last year’s mountain bike race was touted as the “David and Goliath” showdown, tune in online August 15 to watch the sequel: “David and Goliath II: The Return of Lance.”

In 2008, Wiens successfully defended his title by beating Armstrong by just under 2 minutes and setting a new course record of 6:45:45. But before the bikes were wiped down and last year’s awards were presented the whisper had already begun: who will win in 2009?

LT100 organizers decided to answer the whisper with a roar. In fact, last year’s race demonstrated how significant a role the internet played when over 90,000 people logged on to the LT100 web site within a 24-hour period to see the race time results. Imagine that number when viewers can see the event live!

“When we started the Leadville Trail 100 twenty-seven years ago, our singular purpose was for the Leadville community to benefit financially from the races. That goal continues to be met by assisting local businesses with today’s economic hardships by bringing people into town,” says LT100 President Ken Chlouber. “This live stream web cast will benefit our local community in monumental ways, allowing thousands and thousands of people to tune in live to see the race, as well as what a great town this is!”

Versatile has been in production for several months now, interviewing racers and volunteers, in addition to community leaders, students who received a LT100 Legacy Scholarship and LT100 participants who have chosen to make Leadville their second home.

Racing enthusiasts interested in subscribing to the live stream web cast may do so by signing up at the LT100 web site: The cost is only $5.95 for all FOUR live streams and purchases my be made through the security of Pay Pal at the Trail 100 web site. Don’t delay, get online and order yours today. Be a part of this historic once-in-a-lifetime event!

Thank You,
Kathy Bedell

Public Relations Manager
Leadville Trail 100
(719) 486-3502

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