Monday, August 10, 2009

It’s All in Your Head

The role of the brain in determining how far and hard we can exercise — its role in fatigue — is contentious.

According to a recent study, “Training is no longer simply an act of getting the muscles used to lactate or teaching the lungs how to breathe harder.”

It’s also about getting your brain to accept new limits by pushing yourself, safely. “Once your brain recognizes that you’re not going to damage yourself, it’ll be happy to let you go.”

Anyone who participates in endurance events already knows this.

No matter how good your legs feel on a given day, if your mind isn’t committed to the task at hand, finishing the course will be difficult.

I may be slow – but as most of you know, I’m determined.

With a “Little Engine That Could” mindset, I have managed to accomplish many things that initially seemed impossible.

So if you see me muttering under my breath on Saturday, you can bet I’m chanting my mantra:

I know I can . . . I know I can . . . I know I can . . .


  1. You have done it before!!!!
    Love ya,

  2. ChoooChooo! You can do it!