Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 5 - Ride out to the Wall

Since we were not moving camp on Friday, Lowry, Colleen, and Joanne stayed close to camp and went for hikes.

Andy, Jeffrey, and myself went with Tim and Mary on a 24 mile ride on more technical terrain out to look at the Maze from a different angle.

Mary gave Jeffrey and me a lesson on how to get our bikes up a step or ledge.  My first practice on my own resulted in an endo / face plant / sumersault on a bike and twisting my wrist on impact. 

My wrist was sore but not broken and we proceeded on with no more practice for me.  :)
We got back and cleaned up in time for a cold wind at supper time.   Resulting in us bundling up, and heading straight back to the tents right after supper was over.

It was a really hard cold wind that night, and it took me over two hours to get warmed up in my sleeping bag.  There was fine dust over all our gear in the tent, even though Joanne had spent a couple hours cleaning it out earlier that day.

Reminded us of our Grand Canyon Trip.

Tomorrow - Day 6 will be riding South to Lake Powell, and the van that will take us to Moab, hot showers, and beds not covered in sand.

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  1. It's been a bit busier than usual around here, Phil. We have read all your posts, but I didn't feel that I had the time to make any comments that were equal to the great travelogue. Of course, all of the pictures are wonderful, but a couple of them are superior. The one shot that you took on the day you woke up to snow, the one with the mesa through the snowy haze---that is fabulous. Worth framing for sure. As are those pictures of the Maze and some of the tent shots with the wild country in the background.

    You certainly get every ounce of experience out of your travels. I would like to know how you managed to get a free hand to take pictures as you were scaling the walls of the Maze.

    The other thing I liked is your attitude about the weather. Do what you can ... and don't whine. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to post your thoughts and pictures. They are wonderful. PK