Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maze - Day 3 - Hiking an Ancient Trail down into the Maze

On our third day, the brave one's of our group wore shorts and we went on a sporty hike on an ancient trail down into the Maze.
Parts of the trail were ancient hand and foot holds chipped into the cliff faces, that we backed down on with someone guiding your feet into holds that you could not see.

Tim and Andrew were especially helpful in making sure everyone was spotted and being coached on hand and foot holds.
The cliff scrambeling on the hike really made our vacation feel like an adventure!
I was especially proud of Jeffrey who has no vision in one eye.  We had to make sure when we were explaining the scrambling parts that he could see what we pointing to.
For a guy who is not into hiking - he did GREAT!
It even warmed up enough that we got some actual lounging in the sun - "I'm on vacation" time in.
But, by supper time it was time to start layering up and getting the jackets on.
It is so luxurious to be camping and having some cooking fantastic meals for you.  Rain or Shine.  Tim and Mary worked their butts off cooking for us, and always had a smile on.

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