Monday, May 9, 2011

Front Range 60 - 2nd MTB Race of the Season and Jeffrey's First - ever

After a week of mostly rest after our Moab vacation, it was time for Jeffrey and me to take on the Front Range 60 miler mountain bike race at Bear Creek Park just South of Golden.

The weather was the nicest this year, with it getting up into the low 80's.   A shock after what we have been riding in all year and in Moab.

I somehow got the number 13, which reminded me to be careful.

My plan was to go out easy, but I managed to blow that off and get my heart rate really high the first couple miles.  I paid for that dearly on the last half of the race.

Jeffrey passed me in the first mile, and I thought to myself " kick ass - his extra training is really paying off!"

Then, at the top of the first climb I looked down hill and say a dust cloud caused by a wreck.  I soon say it was Jeffrey with the rubber side up and the lycra side down.

He said he was fine and I took off for a pretty long day, finishing up at 5 hours 40 minutes, and hamstring cramps on the last hill.  I finished in the last 10% of racers, but I finished and that was my goal.

Jeffrey finished 4 laps out of 6 and he had only planned to do 3.  It was his first mtn bike race and he finished with big bruises on his legs and a big smile.

The glass is totally half full with that guy!   He is VERY inspirational for me! 


  1. Good job! Woot!


  2. You're mighty inspirational yourself. PK