Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maze - Day 2 - Waking up to Snow

The 1st night in tents we experienced a huge wind storm and then we woke to snow.  

It was going to be a cold day on the bike!
So we bundled up in a lot of layers, soaked up sun rays peaking through the breaking clouds, ate a great breakfast, and took off for our first day on the bikes.

We rode down the Flint Trail, which was very steep!  Part way down we helped the skiniest park ranger in america clear the road of bolders that came down due to the snow melt from the night before.
It was a very windy day, and setting up tents was brutal!

Fortunately the Maze Overlook campsite was one of the most beautiful campsite vista's I have ever experienced, and worth the pain of setting up camp!
To top it off, we got to spend two nights here! 

Our campsite was on the rim looking across the maze, which is a very complicated set of oxbow canyons about 800' deep, stretching for miles. 

I was totally jazzed that we would be hiking down into the edge of the maze the next day!

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