Monday, May 2, 2011

The Maze - Day 1

Our trip with Western Spirit bike tours started from Moab, UT with a 3 hour drive - mostly on dirt roads to the western side of Canyonlands NP called the Maze district.  One of the remotest places in the lower 48.  

The area is historicaly known for one of the areas where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid out from the law.  It is too remote and rugged for the law back then to venture out into.
There were 8 people on the trip.  Two guides - Tim from North Carolina - now living in Moab and Mary from Durango.
Andrew, a banker and pretty aggressive rider from the UK.  ( a seasoned veteran to Western Spirit bike tours )

Lowry, Colleen, Jeffrey, Joanne, and myself made up the rest of the group.
We finally stopped at Horshoe Canyon, to do a hike down into the canyon to look at some of the largest and oldest pictoglyphs in the US.     Before starting the hike our guides Tim and Mary whiped up a quick spread for us to make sack lunches.  

Although we would be hiking and biking every day, it is impossible to not put on weight on one of these trips - the food is fantastic.
Our hike took us down to see some of the best ancient pictoglyphs in the US.  I think about 5,000 years old.  It is in the same canyon system that Erin Ralston got stuck and had to cut his arm off to get free.
After our hike, we got back on the road and drove another hour deeper into the canyon lands and set up camp.
The first evening was cold and windy, with everyone bundled up and huddling behind the shelter to stay warm.   A good reminder to always bring a lot of layers on a camping trip.

Supper was excellent as always and we quickly hit the tents to call it an early night.

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