Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Vacation to Canyonland NP via the Voodoo Fire

Joanne, our friend Jeffrey, and myself took off for Canyonlands National Park for another catered mountain bike vacation to the Maze district.  One of the more remote places in the lower 48.

We took a longer route to Moab, via Pueblo to do the Voodoo Fire mountain bike race on Saturday.

Race day was cold and windy, which would be the the theme for most of the trip. 

The trails for the race were fun and we have decided we will definitely go back for more riding in a non-race environment.
After the race, we found a cool irish pub in Pueblo for a late lunch / early dinner to unwind and tell tales of the race to each other.
On Sunday a week ago, we took off from Pueblo, CO over Monarch Pass to Montrose,  CO.  Then to Grand Junction for a quick shoping trip at REI (Tom we love your company!  Keep up the good work!) and then finally looping into Moab, UT to hook up with Lowry and Colleen.
We were all jazed to do another catered trip into Canyonland NP, but it definitely looked like the weather would be more challenging this time.

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